Dorian and Cynthia

Dorian Katz and Cynthia Slater

“Dear Devoted Gifted Matriarch of Sadism, thank you for taking me in as your mentee.” – Dorian Katz

Dorian Katz draws no line between the innocent and truly perverse in her work. She is active in communities that inform and encourage her creative pursuits. Katz co-founded the dyke erotica collective, Dirty Ink, curates and shows work in the National Queer Arts Festival, the Center for Sex and Culture, the Exiles (a womenís SM organization), SFinX, and Morbid Curiosity magazine. She has had solo exhibitions at Climate Project Space, Glama-Rama, and the Jon Sims Center. Her drawings are published in The Human Pony, Morbid Curiosity, Other, Salomeís Modernity, Oscar Wilde and the Aesthetics of Transgression, and she is a graduate at Stanford University.

Cynthia Slater invented the Leather community as we know it. Slater created the intake questionnaires for submissives/bottoms that are now used widely, led the first open workshops on SM and was essential to bringing Leather to the LGBT parade. The term SM 101 was her concept. She was co-founder of Society of Janus, a pro domme, and started the first support group for bisexual women with HIV. Slater played with the Leathermen at Catacombs. She was the quintessential libertine, refusing to put up with society’s rules and was a loving, daring darling of sex and SM.

dorian 2

From Cynthia Slater’s Archive


So you wanna do SM, huh?
Ink, acrylic and blood on paper
51 x 60î