Conversations in the Archives (2008 - present)

Conversations in the Archive invokes several kinds of visual and spoken dialogue. Starting with Affair-on-the-Green, some of the conversations happen between people who are very much alive. As participants in my projects, these people help create new archives that address aspects of their work and their lives.I construct a different kind of conversation by looking at the words various archive subjects spoke and wrote when they were alive, words that are embedded in the archives each organization has collected and preserved. These fictional conversations between individuals from different cultures, geographies and time periods form imagined relationships, animating lives beyond the archive shelf.A third kind of conversation evolves in collaboration with other artists involved in archive work, creative engagements that manifests in live presentations, symbolic gestures and exchange of artifacts.

oil archive 2 collabor

There are Matters
which are Difficult to Tell

"So boring - but not you!"
(Oliver and Veronica)
My Immovable Truth:
a Dallas Lineage
Collaborative Practice and
the Future of Memory
(San Francisco, Atlanta, GA)
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Archive of What’s Left Behind Affair on the Green