Lineage – Pairs

Lineage - Pairs

All portraits by E.G. Crichton

bill-hand-eye-200x200 cami-3-200x200 dominika-2-200x200 dorian-200x200
Bill Domonkos and Helen Harder Camille Norton (on right) and Nancy Stockwell Dominika Bednarska (on right) and Diane Hugaert Dorian Katz and Cynthia Slater
Elissa-83-200x200 elliot-2-200x200 Gaby-2-200x200 jamil-2-200x200
Elissa Perry and Pat Parker Elliot Anderson (on right) and Claude Schwob Gabriella Ripley-Phipps and Sally Binford Jamil Hellu and Guy Duca
larry-luciano-7-200x200 laura-99-200x200 lauren-5-200x200 maya-2-200x200
Luciano Chessa and Larry DeCaesar Laura Rifkin and Jessica Barshay Lauren Crux and Janny MacHarg Maya Manvi and Dodi Horvat
Miki-200x200 Nomi-200x200 tammy-rae-200x200 Terry-200x200
Miki Yamada Foster (on right) and Trevor Hailey Nomy Lamm and Silvia Kohan Tammy Rae Carland and Jo Daly Terry Berlier (on right) and H.Drew Crosby
tina-2-200x200 troy-poster-200x200    
Tina Takemoto and Jiro Onuma Troy Boyd (on right) and George Choy