Dominika and Diane

Dominika Bednarska and Diane “Hugs” Hugaert

Dominika Bednarska is a disabled femme queer academic, writer, performer and activist. She is currently a doctoral student in English and Disability Studies at the University of California Berkeley. Her writing has appeared in What I Want From You: An Anthology of East Bay Lesbian Poets, Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity and most recently in the Bellevue Literary Review.

Diane Hugaert was a disabled lesbian activist, writer, athlete and member of the disabled women’s performance troupe Wry Crips in the 1980′s.

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From Diane Hugaert’s Archive


TALK (2009)
Live performance and text poster

“I wanted to construct a piece that reflected a dialogue between my writing and Diane’s writing around issues of disability. I chose excerpts from her journals to respond to and combine with my own writing. I see this piece as ongoing and definitely something that can be expanded and used for performance.

camille 4“We might have flirted if I knew you when you were alive. Now I am a kind of extension cord into the present for some kind of work or struggle or insight, and that is something that neither starts or stops with me.” – Dominika Bednarska